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Why Choose Us

  • Wide range of loyalty marketing services.
    We provide marketing solutions to suit your business including; Direct Mail, Email and SMS Marketing.
  • Personalised cards with your business branding.
    We provide options for personalised cards. We provide graphic design and branding to make sure your cards suit you.
  • Customised loyalty marketing solutions.
    We provide customised programs to suit you business. No matter what size.
  • Network with other businesses in your local area.
    As Lucky Buys cardholders can use their card at any participating store, you can network with surrounding businesses to increase customer visits, average spend & therefore turnover.
  • Link to a national customer loyalty program.
    The Lucky Buys Reward program is found in over 400 stores nationally. This means, with over 640,000 cardholders, you can gain new customers.
Wide range of loyalty marketing services.
  • Catering for all size businesses.
    We are able to tailor the customer loyalty program to suit your size business and we will provide the appropriate level of consultancy and support to meet your needs.
  • Allocated Marketing Consultancy.
    We provide your business with a Marketing Consultant so you have one on one consultancy to maximize the success of the program.
  • Win cars and holidays for your customers.
    We provide over $80,000 worth of cars and holidays every year for your customers to win. This provides extra incentive for your customers to shop more often.
  • Complete staff training.
    Upon set up of your customer loyalty program, we will provide your staff with one on one training. We also provide ongoing support for you and your staff.
  • Establish and manage an active customer database.
    We will collect, update and manage your database so there is no administration for you. We will regularly provide you with information about your database.
  • Quarterly performance reports.
    We will send you a set of reports every quarter outlining your results for that quarter. These include; customer demographic & customer spending analysis.
  • Fully administered redemption process.
    We will collect, sort, print and post redemption vouchers to your customers on a monthly basis.
  • Personal Customer Service.
    A team of staff are on hand to provide you with technical support, marketing consultancy and help with cardholder and general enquiries.