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About LuckyBuys Reward

The Loyalty Group provides the complete loyalty marketing solution specifically designed for retail businesses to provide strategic marketing opportunities, improve customer retention, attract new customers and establish better customer relationships. We have established the Lucky Buys Reward customer loyalty program that comprises all aspects of loyalty marketing.

The program incorporates reward points, major prize giveaways and electronically creates a customer database to analyse customer trends and buying patterns. It also offers the opportunity to network with other local businesses and community groups.

Lucky Buys Reward has become one of the largest independent small business customer loyalty programs in Australia. Over 1200 businesses and over 640,000 cardholders have participated in the program nationally. A diverse range of businesses have adopted Lucky Buys Reward as their customer loyalty program including; supermarkets, butchers, petrol stations, electrical stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, auto stores, hotels, and plant nurseries.

Points Based Loyalty Program -

Points Based Loyalty Program

Points based incentives influence buyer behaviour by instilling the desire to earn enough points to qualify for the reward. If the desire is strong enough, customers are locked into shopping at your store instead of the competition. and they are more likely to:

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  • Spend more on each visit…by spending less at competing stores
  • Visit your store more often…by visiting competing stores less often, or not at all

Rewards for Your Customers

Customer rewards are in the form of a Gift Voucher. Once a customer earns a minimum of 50 points at your store, their points may be redeemed and they will be mailed a $10 Gift Voucher, which can only be used within your store. The invitation to redeem the Voucher will instigate another visit to your store.

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Link to Major Prize Draws

Through the Lucky Buys Reward program, your customers will automatically be entered into regular Major Prize Draws, with many chances to win cars & holidays every time they shop at your store. There are currently two draws per year with over $30,000 in prizes to win. The prize give-aways will help you raise customer awareness, give you a competitive point of difference and encourage customer participation in your program.

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Rewards -
Rewards -

Creating Your Customer Database

Electronically capturing data enables the development of a customer database for your business. Ongoing management and maintenance of your database is provided and you may request any information from your database from time to time.

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Networking with local businesses

Your customers will be able to use their card at any Lucky Buys Reward participating business. Equally, any Lucky Buys Reward cardholder may use their card at your store. This creates even more opportunity to attract new customers from the number of cardholders in your local area. Note: Points can only be redeemed at the store at which the points where earned, this ensures that customers are returning to the same store time and time again. This creates loyalty to the store.

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Support your Local Community Groups

The ‘Community Rewards’ element of the program will allow businesses to support local schools, clubs and charities. These groups may benefit by receiving donations from a percentage of purchases made by their respective members or supporters who use their card in your business.

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Quarterly Performance Reports

Regular Performance reports are provided every quarter. These show the behaviour and demographics of customers in your loyalty program. The information becomes most valuable when used for direct marketing campaigns to instigate extra visits from customers.

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Consultancy -

Marketing Consultancy

The Loyalty Group’s marketing team has great experience and knowledge of loyalty marketing and can therefore offer valuable consultancy advice to assist business owners and their staff to achieve the best results with their loyalty program. The Loyalty Group will formulate and provide each business with an individual Marketing Action Plan (MAP) and offer continues support so that the program works best for every business.

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Return on Investment

Many participating businesses that have enthusiastically embraced the Lucky Buys Reward program have achieved increases of over 15% in customer spending and increase of over 30% in customer visits. They have also experienced how the program can attract new customers from other participating businesses in their local area. Many businesses have seen an increase in turnover as a result of using the Lucky Buys Reward program.

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Confidentiality & Privacy of Information

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Quick list of Features

√ Electronic √ Major Prize Draws √ Business networking √ Bonus points
√ Customer Database √ Marketing Consultancy √ Community Rewards √ Daily prize draws
√ Performance reports √ Marketing Action Plan √ Double points √ Hourly prize draws

Quick list of services

√ Customer Loyalty Program √ Email Marketing √ Gift Cards
√ Direct Mail Marketing √ SMS Marketing √ In Store Prize Draws