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What Businesses Say:

“We have used lucky buys at our store since 2009 & have found it to be the most cost effective way of marketing. Our revenue has increased by 30% since 2009 & a lot of this increase has to do with Lucky Buys. We have had a high number of new customers come in from word of mouth referrals from existing customers! We know for a fact that lucky buy customers spend on average $ 3 more than our other customers!”

Dan Martin, Subway Franchise Owner


“I have noticed a 15% increase in business since the introduction of the program 8 months ago. During a time when downturn was expected, I actually increased turnover which was against the trend. I no longer need to advertise which has saved me thousands of dollars”

Mr Graham Wheildon. Rumps Gourmet Butchery & other fine foods, W.A


“Our Loyalty Program has been extremely successful & encourages our customers to come back time & time again. With our customer database at over 600 and with The Loyalty Group’s help, we have given away a BBQ & Holiday. We love the SMS messaging & using our customer database for “In store” promotions. The staff at The Loyalty Group are always willing to help & advise”.

Tricia Guppy, Director, Mitre 10 Kilmore.


“We have been working with The Loyalty Group now for 5-6 year & in the last 12 months we have focused mostly on SMS marketing on a weekly basis & found this is the most direct and responsive way to target our customers. The day we SMS our customers we can have a 50% sale increase on any normal day”

Tara Milne, Owner, MILNE’S Country Style Meats


“(The service) was so cheap that I have decided not to waste any more money with newspapers and magazines and just send out newsletters with product specials to the customers who actually shop in our store”

Robyn Kidd, The Crate Ideas for living, VIC


“The Lucky Buys Reward program has enabled us to get a database of our own and know who they (customers) are, how often they come in and know their average spend. Last month we did a direct mail through Lucky Buys Reward with great results and I did not have to do a thing, The Loyalty Group did it all. This program has given me an advantage over the two bakeries and four coffee shops in town”

Andrew Bertelli, Bertalli’s Bakery, Benalla Victoria

What cardholders say:

“I didn’t realise my Lucky Buys Reward card was going to be so lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to the Melbourne Cup, so I am thankful for this opportunity. I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since I heard about my win.” …

Cherie, QLD

“I love using my Lucky Buys Reward card; I get rewards from just doing my regular shopping” …

Margaret, NSW

“What a wonderful surprise I got when I received my voucher in the mail” …

Terry, QLD

“The team at The Loyalty Group are always helpful when I have questions about my Lucky Buys Reward card” …

John, QLD

“I feel very satisfied when I am rewarded with a voucher after doing my shopping, and I’m supporting local business” …


“It is great that I can use my Lucky Buys Reward card at a range of retailers in my area. I joined at the butcher, but I can use my card at the fruit shop and the hardware store!” …

Joan, QLD

“It’s great to be a part of a VIP Club” …

Sarah, VIC